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Crafts and DIY

Some of our products are used for arts and crafts like Floetrol. If you love the detail and the science behind how paints and their additives react together, then you should try Floetrol. Floetrol is a paint conditioner that can be used with water based paints like flat or semi-gloss latex, enamel paints, Acrylic, or Vinyls. Read more


The Owatrol Marine range includes products for stripping and cleaning the surfaces of your boat, a variety of finishes for painting and staining as well as products for rust prevention and protection. Read more


The Owatrol Masters in Exterior Metal Treatment & Protection range includes rust-inhibiting primers for both single and 2-pack paints, a high-gloss all-in-one multi-surface paint and primer, rust inhibitors and a range of finishes. Read more

Wood Care

Our range of wood care products includes solutions for protecting and maintaining interior and exterior wood surfaces including decking, fences, sheds, garden furniture, cladding, panelling, flooring, door and window frames and more. Read more

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