Sure, they give the nicest all natural look for your deck but only if you work at it. They tend not last very long in the South African climate and they need regular maintenance. That can mean re-coating every 6 to 12 months or even sooner.

If you are prepared to do so then, by all means, treating your deck with a good decking oil such as our Premium version is OK for you and will give you much pleasure. If, however, you are not into maintenance – and how many people are – then choose one of the new acrylic deck finishes which are easy to maintain with re-coating required anywhere from 2 to 4 years depending on your climatic conditions.

Flood Spa-N-Deck (100% Acrylic) will outlast oils up to 5 times and is the much more cost effective way to go in the long run. You will save both time and money. They finish is semi-transparent and some users have experienced years of good service before re-coating. Unlike other finishes Flood Spa-N-Deck is guaranteed for up to 4 years against peeling, cracking or blistering and re-coating is as simple as a good clean and another coat of product.

The choice is yours.
Spa-N-Deck is easy to apply, this deck (picture below) was cleaned & coated (all 3 coats) in one day.

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