Corrosion inhibiting primer for both rusted and new metal surfaces. Penetrates and seals driving out air and moisture. Can be over coated with any paint.

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Owatrol: CIP: Rust inhibiting Primer for Single & Two Pack Paints


  • Universal rust inhibiting primer for all paint types – Will not dissolve or break down when high solvenst paints applied to it.
  • Penetrates and stabilises the surface, forming a solid stable layer that other coatings can firmly adhere to.
  • Pigmentation offers increased protection and perfect film-forming qualities.
  • Easy to use, no need for sanding or sandblasting.
  • Use on new or rusted surfaces – interior and exterior.
  • High temperature resistance up to 175°C.


  • C.I.P. (Corrosion Inhibiting Primer) is recommended for all severe environmental conditions: marine or tropical climates, corrosive fumes, protection of motor vehicles, construction equipment and ballast tanks of ships as well as every day items i.e. railings, gates, etc.
  • The C.I.P. is especially recommended where a high resistant paint or two-pack finish (urethane, epoxy, chlorinated rubber, synthetic,) is to be applied or necessary.
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